About us

About Us




Sofyi was founded in 1999 by a group of guys from different neighborhoods in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. They all came together to pursue careers in music and the Local music group SOFYI was born. The word Sofyi was a popular adjective used by a select few from the Twin lakes and John Barrow area to describe cars, clothes, and anything that caught the eye. Pronounced (So-Phi), It was only a given that a young and talented group of individuals would label themselves such a word.

                Sofyi has always met the standard of urban fashion, creativity, and quality with even the simplest task of going to the grocery store. The competition of who could design the dopest hat or freshest gear would set of a chain of events that leads us to now.


                In 2014, at the annual Sofyi get together, the guys decided to make the custom headwear available to the public. Searching through vendor after vendor to find the standard of quality to bring to people was no easy task. After years of research and game planning… The product is here!

                Confident and cocky, elite taste in fashion and music is the makeup of how we were brought up. We are PRODUCT OF THE CULTURE!